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Using a proprietary base with a blend of essential oils, Daily Fresh works! It was tirelessly tested by highly active people, including hot yoga participants, all of whom gave it their resounding approval.


Unlike sticks or gels, which can be sticky or leave a residue, Daily Fresh utilizes easy to use application pads. It’s not about preventing sweat but keeping you smelling good and feeling fresh!


Contains 50 wipes -- nearly 2 months of daily use.

Daily Fresh Natural Deodorant

  • Use one pad for both underarms. Wipe pad under entire underarm, turn over and wipe other underarm. 


    It may sting if used immediately after shaving. Some people report a bit of stinging when first using this product. It is the magnesium. If uncomfortable, it can be washed off. 


    Can also be used on feet. After applying to underarms, try wiping on soles of feet.


    Contains 50 pads.

  • INGREDIENTS: Magnesium Oil (water, Magnesium Chloride), Witch Hazel Hydrosol (alcohol-free), Glycerin (vegetable-derived), with a proprietary blend of essential oils and Vitamin E.