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- About CG Naturals -

Ingredient Commitment

CG Naturals focuses on being "Clean and Green". It is all about discovering the best ingredients for skincare products, ingredients that work without compromising the functionality of the body’s largest organ. This means hundreds of hours of research and development, trial and error, testing and retesting to develop products that perform better than any comparable ones on the market today. All of our products are made by hand which means made with care.

Many of your typical skincare products will feature ingredients such as aluminum salts, the active ingredient in antiperspirant deodorants. These work by using small crystals that plug your sweat glands which diminishes your body’s functionality. CG Naturals only uses ingredients that are both good for your body and good for the environment.

Often companies feature natural ingredients, such as Jojoba Oil, that are present in such small quantities their benefits are negligible. This is antithetical to the philosophy we at CG Naturals abide by. We always choose the best ingredients in the correct quantity to work hard so you can feel good.

Our ingredients have been checked against the Environmental Working Group database to assess its safety. Furthermore, the ingredients we incorporate are also evaluated for environmental sustainability and, where possible, we opt to use products that are both organic and fair-trade.


At CG Naturals, we believe the best ingredients make the best products and there is no better source than Nature.

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